833fy's Net Worth for September 2022

Assets Value Change ($) Change (%)
Cash $326,929 $69,641 27.07%
Company Bonus (Accrued) $0 - -
Investment Accounts $599,168 $85,716 16.69%
Home $67,381 $9,640 16.70%
Other Real Estate $0 - -
Cars $32,223 ($992) (2.99%)
Personal Property $5,212 ($395) (7.04%)
Other Assets $15,396 $4,407 40.10%
$1,046,309 $168,017 19.13%
Debts Value Change ($) Change (%)
Home Mortgage(s) $0 - -
Other Mortgage(s) $0 - -
Student Loans $21,117 ($1,620) (7.12%)
Credit Cards $0 ($88) -
Car Loans $11,757 $750 6.81%
Other Debts $0 - -
Total Debts $32,874 ($958) (2.83%)
Net Worth $1,013,435 $168,975 20.01%
*All values shown in USD ($)


10/3/2022 6:23:40 AM larry
Congrats on reaching your first million.
10/3/2022 6:45:35 AM 833fy
Thanks Larry. I was so close before it's good to get there now.
10/3/2022 5:10:01 PM labangel
Congratulations! How do you make so much money? I guess 85K gains in retirement funds is reasonable but making 70K of cash in a month is a lot!
10/3/2022 5:47:35 PM 833fy
I work as a portfolio manager for a hedge fund. I am able to withdraw reinvested earned bonuses from the fund when I want. Part of my reinvested bonuses I put down in my 'retirement' pot. I have had a good few months in my portfolio at work, so wanted to take some money out as I was starting to have a lot of eggs in my employment basket. I'll reinvest it probably in something not closely tied to my day to day job.
10/9/2022 3:22:42 PM sdmdwct
Congrats on the portfolio! Is there a reason you are holding onto that $20k in student loans?
10/9/2022 3:29:35 PM 833fy
I'm from the UK originally but live in another country. In the UK student loans are financed by the government. My current interest rate is +2.75% up from 1.6% recently. So I pay off the minimum required for overseas people. It does seem silly to have cash on hand and paying interest on a student loan. But I am going to move the free cash into other investments and things I just havent got around to it yet. And most things long-term EV would be higher than 2.75%
11/1/2022 8:43:12 PM mbasherp
I'm intrigued by your progress and career and purchased the Pedersen book on your profile recommendation... any further thoughts you'd like to share?
11/2/2022 8:49:47 AM 833fy
mbasherp, I work as a quant and moved more recently into running my own portfolio. So my total compensation is now mostly a percentage of my total book profit. For my personal investments, I run strategies similar but in different asset classes than my job.
11/2/2022 8:53:01 AM 833fy
mbasherp, if you want more book recommendations let me know what kind of area you are interested in. I don't really have much interest in the swashbuckling macro discretionary people so can't help there. But for anything systematic I can help with recommendations.
11/2/2022 9:25:42 AM mbasherp
I come from a total market, Bogle style investing philosophy... but I also recognize that it's not the only way to find success. Would just love to learn from quality sources about other approaches that work!
11/2/2022 9:52:14 AM 833fy
I agree with you that a total market approach has the highest chance of success. Let me make a curated list and get back to you. I have put together a goodreads book list of some of my favorite trading/investing books: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/113031627?shelf=trading-investing
11/2/2022 9:58:26 AM 833fy
There's something the list for a lot of systematic styles along with some great story/narrative books.
11/3/2022 1:07:06 PM mbasherp
What a list! Thank you for your responses. Best wishes as you go forward!
11/5/2022 4:40:10 PM licid9
Stumbled upon this conversation today. Thank you for taking the time to provide the reading list. <3
11/8/2022 3:10:57 PM labangel
Same here, thank you!