Mtthomso's Net Worth for December 2015

Assets Value Change ($) Change (%)
Cash $40,934 ($3,817) (8.53%)
Stocks $11,583 $583 5.30%
Bonds $10,000 - -
Retirement $366,904 $1,364 0.37%
Home $936,000 $8,000 0.86%
Other Real Estate $205,000 $3,000 1.49%
Cars $13,000 - -
Personal Property $11,500 - -
Crypto $10,500 - -
$1,605,421 $9,130 0.57%
Debts Value Change ($) Change (%)
Home Mortgage(s) $405,181 ($1,959) (0.48%)
Rental Property Mortgages $0 - -
Credit Cards $0 - -
Total Debts $405,181 ($1,959) (0.48%)
Net Worth $1,200,240 $11,089 0.93%
*All values shown in USD ($)
Another good year, praise be to God. We spent a lot of cash continuing to finish the major house rebuild. I generally increase the home value by the amount we spend each month. I know spending doesn't equal a 1:1 return on value usually but since I do most of the work that is more true for us. We added a lot to our retirement this year and plan to do so even more in 2016. We surpassed our retirement goal of $350k. Stocks didn't really do much, down to just one speculative holding outside of retirement funds right now. One I've held for about 5 years. Probably our biggest financial move was doing a cash out refi (we had paid $300K cash for our renovation so we recouped some of that) and using the money to pay cash for an investment property. Our mortgage balance on a fixed 15 year at 3% is still less than 50% of our homes value. The rental property is bringing in money each month and give us a place to play with the kids since it's on 2 acres. Plus we were able to bless a family we are friends with by giving them below market rent and a great property to enjoy. We also had baby #3 this year which is always expensive but worth it :) Overall it was a good year. As you can see below we met just about all our financial/life goals for the year. I'll be setting the 2016 goals soon. "Bonds" = Business Account "Other Assets" = Angel investments Here were our goals: 2015 Goals 1) Resume tithing at least 10% of gross income ***Goal met finally in the last month - it's a start*** 2) Achieve networth of $1.2MM or greater ***GOAL MET!/December*** 3) Cash position of at least 75K ***GOAL MET/June*** 4) Retirement savings of at least $350K ***GOAL MET/October*** 5) Liquid N.W of at least $350K ***GOAL MET/June*** 6) Home value of $1,000,000 ***In real life the goal was met but I'm conservative on paper*** 7) SPEND MORE TIME WITH WIFE AND KIDS THIS YEAR!!! ***GOAL MET/May***