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adebayoglover's Profile

Nigeria Naira - NGN
Date Joined
Salary Range
70,000 - 79,999
Age Range
About Me
I'm an idealist, business person, and a lover of Jesus Christ.
Why I Joined
I want to track my path to becoming a high net worth individual.
Best Financial Decision
Paying for an accommodation close to work.
Worst Financial Decision
Taking a loan to lend to colleague who never paid me back.
Current Investing Strategy
Save part of my salary until it's good enough to invest in a business.
How do you manage your finances?
I pay 10% as tithe to the house of God, keep another 20% for investment and emergency savings, another 10% for philanthropy, then 60% for the expenses of me and my family.
What tools do you use?
I use a wallet tracker app.
Favorite Authors
Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg
Favorite Books
The Richest Man in Babylon, the Millionaire Next Door, and Rich Dad Poor Dad
Favorite Movies
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2021 - April ₦394,687 ₦120,000 ₦274,687
2021 - March ₦383,594 ₦120,000 ₦263,594
2021 - February ₦361,919 ₦150,000 ₦211,919
2021 - January ₦356,846 ₦204,000 ₦152,846
2020 - December ₦344,780 ₦200,000 ₦144,780