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United States Dollar - USD
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Salary Range
30,000 - 39,999
Age Range
About Me
SIngle, Solo Income, 1 kid
Why I Joined
Track my networth and see what else I can learn from other people. I'm a former user of NetworthIQ and signed up here once they went offline.
Best Financial Decision
Starting a Roth IRA (converted to SEP IRA) when I was 19 and starting my own online business. I have 100% control of my income and was very lucky to earn online when COVID-19 pandemic struck. Starting an online business is an easy side hustle that anyone can do. It's a smart way to boost your annual income and protect yourself against unexpected job loss.
Worst Financial Decision
Credit cards. I got into $17,000 in credit card debt during college and stopped using credit cards altogether because I hate the idea of spending tomorrow's income today. I use debit cards and carry zero consumer debt. The funny thing is I own Visa stock though. lol
Current Investing Strategy
Increase my online income while tracking my spending meticulously. My goal is to build a large emergency fund first then invest the rest in the stock market. I trade options on Robinhood to generate extra income.
How do you manage your finances?
Online savings & spending apps
What tools do you use?
I need financial help with...
Budgeting and lifestyle creep. I recently had a big boost in online income and went on an eBay shopping spree. Lifestyle creep is real and I am doing everything to maintain my same spending habits even though I'm making a lot more money.
Favorite Authors
Robert Kiyosaki and Dave Ramsey
Favorite Books
Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Richest Man in Babylon
Favorite Movies
The Wood, Catch Me if You Can, Fast and Furious, Wolf of Wall Street, Titantic
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2021 - April $138,695 $4,350 $134,345
2021 - March $139,026 $4,500 $134,526
2021 - February $135,729 $4,750 $130,979
2020 - December $131,355 $0 $131,355
2020 - November $98,386 $0 $98,386
2020 - October $95,215 $0 $95,215
2020 - July $88,385 $0 $88,385
2020 - June $78,360 $0 $78,360
2020 - May $65,152 $277 $64,875
2020 - March $14,747 $1,450 $13,297
2020 - February $15,492 $1,693 $13,799